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Improve the contours of your chin, neck and jawline.

Those with a weak or recessed chin may feel that their facial features are out of balance, with little definition between the neck and jawline. A small chin bone can also make the face appear heavier with excess tissue in the chin area.

Chin augmentation, also known as genioplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed by Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons that uses a chin implant to resculpt the chin and make it more proportionate to other facial features. Chin augmentation can also redefine the neck and jawline, and reduce the appearance of a double chin. In some cases, nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is performed at the same time to create more balance of features and proportionately create a stronger chin. Liposuction may also be used to remove excess fat under the chin. 

Chin implants are generally the preferred way to correct a recessed chin for long-lasting results. If just a small amount of volume is needed, facial fillers such as Juvederm®, Restylane® or Perlane® may be recommended to improve chin definition. Facial liposculpture is another excellent way to improve facial contours without surgery. Fat from another area, such as the abdomen, is injected into the chin to make it more defined and prominent.

The best way to know whether chin augmentation is right for you—and which options may be best—is to sit down with your Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons specialist for a personal consultation. Together, you will discuss your condition, your desired results, the details of the procedure and post-procedure expectations, financial options, and any concerns or questions you may have.  

The first step is to schedule an appointment. Scheduling an initial consultation with your Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons expert will not obligate you to move forward with any procedure.