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Cookies Notice

The following describes technologies Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center may use when you visit and navigate the websites of and or access their subdomains.

Crystal Clinic is committed to full transparency and to protecting personal information.
We are providing this Cookies Notice so that you can fully understand how we may collect and store information on our online properties through the use of cookies, pixel tags, and local objects (collectively referenced as “Cookies” in this notification). You will find descriptions of why and how we use these Cookies and, of utmost importance, how you are always able to disable them if you so choose.

What are Cookies?
A Cookie is a small text file with a unique reference code that virtually every website uses to manage and optimize website usage. The web browser you use to access online sites stores a unique cookie within your device when you visit or use an online service. The browser then tracks and informs the site owner each time you return to that website.

There are two categories of Cookies:

  • Session Cookies, which exist only as long as your internet browser is open. Once the browser closes, any Session Cookies expire.
  • Persistent Cookies are stored on your device for longer periods.

Both types of Cookies can create an identification that is unique to your device.

Cookies may store certain information such as your internet protocol (“IP”) address, operating system, device information, browser type and language, referring URLs, access times, pages viewed, links clicked, and other information about your activities or use of the online service. Cookies used on Crystal Clinic websites and online properties DO NOT contain your protected personal health or medical information. 

Types of Cookies

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies enable you to navigate the online service and use its features. These are essential but temporary Cookies used for technical purposes to enable the online experience, including the ability to access certain functionality and online services. These functional Cookies exist only as long as your web browser or application is open.
  • Functional Cookies allow us to save information that you previously entered so that you don’t have to re-enter information each time you visit the website or access certain features. This can, but does not always, include information such as user names, language choices, and your location.
  • Performance Cookies are persistent Cookies that are stored on your device and used to collect and track website visitor information that can help improve the performance of the website. Any gathered information is collected and stored in aggregate form (no individual information is retained). That combined information may inform the website owner about the number of visitors to a website, how many times a particular web page was viewed, how long a user stays on a given page, and other valuable website statistics. These Cookies are used only for the purpose of improving the performance of the user’s website experience.
  • Analytics Cookies are commonly used with web analytics services performed by third parties, such as Google Analytics. They use Cookies to collect basic information for the purpose of analyzing and measuring how visitors use online services and specific functions and features. The information gathered can include the IP address, device ID, browser information, geolocation, content viewed, or other similar information that can aid website analytics.
  • Marketing Cookies can be used to deliver advertisements based on your unique interests and preferences. These Cookies are also used to collect data when you have interacted with our online advertisements. Data we collect for advertising or marketing purposes includes information such as IP address, browser type, location (only to the municipality level of detail), date and time of visit, domain type, and activity while on the website. We may use marketing Cookies to help measure the effectiveness of advertising efforts by tracking clicks from our ads to one of our web pages or other Crystal Clinic online content. Any information collected and used by third parties for statistical or analytical purposes are described in that third party’s privacy policies and Cookies notices NOTE: Crystal Clinic has elected not to use these types of Cookies to share any information with third party advertising or marketing partners to enable them to market to you. Nor do we permit any marketing partners to capture information that could be used to match and identify.

Why would Crystal Clinic use cookies?
As outlined above, Cookies are valuable to optimize your online experience while visiting a Crystal Clinic website or subdomain. Cookies help to build our knowledge of the kind of content you view so that we can continue to develop the website to make that information as convenient as possible and make your Crystal Clinic website experience better. They can help us customized content for you and streamline website navigation. Cookies can also be used to market specific Crystal Clinic products and services that we think you would be interested in, based on your interest and preferences while interacting with our website. That marketing can be presented while you are on our website as well as when you are on other websites or platforms based on your interests and preferences. Cookies can also help Crystal Clinic optimize its marketing messages to better fit you, your behaviors, and your preferences.

It’s Your Choice: Managing and Disabling Cookies
You always have the option to manage or disable Cookies at any time. That can be done in any of three ways:

Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center and Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons may add new services, new web page features, and may also add specific Cookies periodically without prior public notice. However, this Cookies Notice will be updated and posted online to keep site visitors informed of those changes, so please make a point to visit and review this Co