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The art and science of living beautifully.

Crystal Clinic's cosmetic specialists blend the precision and technical expertise of highly-trained surgeons with the talent of master artists. Crystal Clinic surgeons perform subtle or transformative face and skin rejuvenation, breast enhancement, and comprehensive body contouring procedures to help you capture the look you want.

Breast Enhancement

Through expert breast enhancement techniques, our team can improve breast size or shape, address sagging breasts, and revise problematic breast implants.

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Body Contouring

Our experts provide a wide range of procedures to reduce excess skin and enhance contours throughout the body for a slimmer, more toned silhouette. 

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Face Rejuvenation

See how our specialists are enhancing facial features and overcoming the effects of aging and sun-damaged skin for a younger, more vital appearance.

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Skin Rejuvenation

Our highly-qualified team provides a wide range of advanced skin care treatments to reduce signs of aging, remove unwanted hair, or reveal a younger you.

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Male Procedures

Crystal Clinic brings the specialized expertise to meet the cosmetic needs of men of all ages to enhance looks, correct deformities, and address male-specific conditions.
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