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The art and science of being whole again.

Crystal Clinic’s reconstruction experts specialize in restoring bodies and, in the process, restoring lives. For cancer survivors, trauma patients, and those with congenital defects, our highly-trained surgeons perform transformative procedures. From treatment of cancers of the skin, head, and neck, to comprehensive breast reconstruction and limb salvage, the team at Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons helps people get their lives back.

Breast Reconstruction

Our acclaimed team specializes in the artful recreation and natural-looking restoration of breasts for mastectomy and lumpectomy, breast implant revision and congenital breast deformities.

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Facial Reanimation

Restoring smiles after facial paralysis. For nerve paralysis resulting from injury, brain cancer, or viral illness, our facial reanimation specialists can help.
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Skin Cancer Treatment

Our plastic surgeons have the specialized clinical training to evaluate, treat, and remove skin cancers, and provide expert aesthetic correction.
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Skin Defect Correction

Restore your natural beauty as our reconstruction experts correct skin damaged by scars, burns, deformity or trauma.
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Extremity Reconstruction

Regain arm or leg function and enhance appearance following a traumatic injury or cancer removal surgery.
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Head & Neck Procedures

Our surgeons have the specialized expertise and unsurpassed experience to restore appearance and function of even the most complex head and neck deformities and injury

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Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR)

Discover greater prosthesis control and overcome phantom pain associated with upper or lower limb amputation.
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Hand Surgery

Overcome the setbacks of carpal tunnel syndrome, crippling arthritis, or traumatic hand injury for improved function and appearance.
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