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Facebook Social Media Comments and Privacy Policy

Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons encourages and uses social media for community and patient interaction. We welcome comments and opinions; however, please be aware that a social media post on the Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons network is public and seen by all. For your own privacy, do not post detailed, personal information or medical information.

To protect our communities, we will moderate and remove posts that reveal confidential information or are spam or reported as spam, off-topic, advertising, offensive or derogatory. We will also block users that repeatedly post any of the previously mentioned topics.

Under no circumstance do posts constitute medical advice. RTs, mentions, likes and shares do not equal endorsement. Social media sites are monitored Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Any comments or communications with Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons made through our Facebook page are informal and are not part of a formal customer service process. Please feel free to send your experience to our Patient Experience office.