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Enjoy life in balance.

Many women live with congenital conditions that resulted in one of their breasts being underdeveloped. This condition establishes an unbalanced appearance of the breasts. The good news is that these irregularities, whether subtle or obvious, can be corrected through expert breast reconstruction.

Our team of reconstruction specialists use advanced techniques to establish the desired size and symmetry of the breasts, creating a natural, balanced appearance. Reconstruction can be accomplished using breast implants (saline or silicone), or by transplanting your own natural tissue to create a breast that tends to look, feel and age more like a normal breast.

Women who have had this procedure performed typically experience greater self-confidence and enjoy being able to wear a wider variety of fashions—including swimwear—without being self-conscious. 

The best way to know if a procedure to correct a breast deformity is right for you is to sit down with your Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons breast reconstruction specialist for a personal consultation. Together, you will discuss your condition, your desired results, the details of the procedure and post-procedure expectations, and any concerns or questions you may have. 

The first step is to schedule an appointment. Please be assured that scheduling an initial consultation with your Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons expert will not obligate you to move forward with any procedure.