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Look and feel your best again.

In general, most women who have had breast implant surgery are happy with the results of their breast reconstruction for many years. However, breast implants are medical devices that will eventually need replacing. Those who are unhappy with their original breast augmentation procedure may need a second surgery—what’s known as a breast implant revision—to achieve the desired results. Breast implant revision is a reconstructive surgery procedure performed by Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons to correct issues with a previous breast augmentation surgery.

Capsular Contracture
A revision may be called for if a patient has experienced capsular contracture, a condition whereby the scar tissue that naturally forms around the implant becomes unusually hard and tight and may be round, misshapen or painful. 

The formation of a capsule of scar tissue around a breast implant is a normal part of the healing process; it actually helps to hold the implants in place. However, for some, that capsule of scar tissue hardens and contracts around the implants, negatively affecting the result of the breast implant and even causing pain.  

Fortunately, capsular contracture is highly treatable and Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. The traditional method involves surgery to remove both the implant and scar tissue, followed by insertion of a new implant. 

Correction of Unsatisfactory Prior Implant Procedures
Breast implant revision is also performed by our world-class breast reconstruction surgeons to correct a prior breast reconstruction surgery that may not have met expectations or was otherwise unsatisfactory. Working closely with the patient to establish the desired results, our specialists perform corrective surgery and insert new breast implants to restore the breasts to a natural look and feel. 

The best way to know if a breast implant revision is right for you is to sit down with your Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons specialist for a personal consultation. Together, you will discuss your condition, your desired results, the details of the procedure and post-procedure expectations, and any concerns or questions you may have.  

The first step is to schedule an appointment. Please be assured that scheduling an initial consultation with your Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons expert will not obligate you to move forward with any procedure.