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Stephanie has been married to her husband Chuck for 11 years.  They have four children – Brock, Spencer, Pacen, and Prue.  Family is everything to Stephanie!  She loves her big family gatherings, pool parties, camping, and family dinners. She says that her husband Chuck “is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I thank God every day for putting him in my life.”  Stephanie works as a labor and delivery nurse at Aultman, and absolutely loves her job.

Stephanie’s breast cancer was discovered in 2021 after a routine mammogram.  Being an overachiever, she had cancer in both breasts! When it was recommended that she have a double mastectomy she chose to have direct implants with Dr. Lewis Diulus performing her reconstruction.

As a nurse, Stephanie says that she was not always the easiest person to care for. She used research as a coping mechanism, and needed very detailed descriptions of what was going to happen – down to the tools being used, the techniques, and the rationale for each step. Dr. Diulus was always gracious and kind and never made her feel rushed.  “He answered every question, discussed every option, and always ended by telling me what he would recommend but also that each decision was mine to make,” she said.

Stephanie shares her breast cancer journey was a process – she has learned so much. Despite the times she felt broken and deformed, somehow Dr. Diulus put her back together again, and she is forever grateful for his surgical skills! She urges women to find their inner strength, trust in their providers, and lean on your family and friends.

Stephanie chose to walk the Pink Runway because she wanted to show women going through breast cancer that there is hope and options, and despite setbacks they can come out on the other side healthy, happy, and whole!