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Dr. Sonja Harris-Haywood

Sonja has been married for 29 years, and is the mother of three: sons Tyrone, 45 and Daemyen, 20; and daughter Daelynn, 17. She is a physician educator, and in her spare time enjoys baking, working out, attending jazz concerts and going to art museums and sporting events. Sonja’s cancer was diagnosed by her family physician during a breast exam. Interestingly, her lesion did not appear on a mammogram. Her cancer was Stage IIA and she underwent a bilateral mastectomy at University Hospitals Cleveland with silicone implants. In 2020 she underwent a DIEP Flap surgery at Crystal Clinic with Dr. Derek Cody and was very pleased with the outcome! Sonja advises others to be comfortable with your surgeon. Review pictures of their work. If possible, talk to their patients. “I did a lot of research on both of my surgeons. It helped me to have confidence in their work, and I am thrilled with the outcome of my abdominal flap,” she shared. “I feel wonderful post-breast reconstruction. I chose to participate in Pink Runway to celebrate survivorship!”