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Lynn Matzules

Lynn has been in healthcare for over 20 years in various positions. She is a 4th Angel Breast Cancer Mentor for Cleveland Clinic and tells her story through Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons’ website and social media outreach. Lynn enjoys most things health- and fitness-related, working out, and spending time with family and friends. Lynn’s breast cancer was found in an annual mammogram in September 2017. She was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) Stage 1A, Grade 3, and underwent a double mastectomy due to her specific diagnosis on November 14, 2017. At the time of her double mastectomy, her hope for breast reconstruction was to maintain comfort and full function with a natural look and feel. This is why, in consultation with her breast surgeon Dr. Mary Murray, and with her reconstructive surgeon Dr. Derek Cody, she determined the DIEP Flap was the best option for her. Due to a complication with her left flap after her original surgery, she continued with additional surgeries – ultimately ending up with a TUG Flap to recreate her left breast. Lynn’s final outcome is DIEP Flap right breast, TUG Flap left breast. Lynn chose DIEP Flap reconstruction due to comfort, function, natural look, feel and mobility, and is very happy with the results. She advises other women facing a cancer diagnosis or prophylactic mastectomy to research your options with Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons and choose what’s best for you. “Try not to let fear hold you back from making the decision you feel is right for you. This is a very personal decision. Talk to other breast cancer patients. Every woman makes a different choice based on her own personal circumstances. This is not a ‘one-choice fits-all-women’ approach,” she said. Lynn chose to walk the Pink Runway to help educate patients and their families with her story. She wants to help reduce their stress and fear of a breast cancer diagnosis and breast reconstruction. She highly recommends Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons. “I chose to continue with several revision surgeries after my initial double mastectomy and complication with my left flap, due to my confidence in Dr. Cody and his genuine concern and compassion for me as his patient,” Lynn shared. “He discussed all my options with me before, during and after chemo, to meet me where I was at each phase throughout my entire process. He literally put me back together, so I could get back to my life as it was, prior to my breast cancer diagnosis. I can’t say enough kind words about him.”