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Erin is the mother to Killian and Elaina, and has been married for the past nine years to her husband Dr. Stephen Scott. Erin works as a claims examiner at Ohio Transit Risk Pool, and her free time is spent with her four cats and two dogs!

Erin was diagnosed in February 2022 with Stage 0 ductal carcinoma in situ in her right breast following a routine mammogram. She chose to undergo a double mastectomy with DIEP Flap reconstruction with Dr. Yoho.  She now feels amazing!  “I have a newly found confidence that I am a warrior, and I can do anything!”

Erin would like women to know that they should talk to their doctors and ask questions. “My choice was the best for me,” she says. “My other breast tissue came back pre-cancerous, and I feel even more confident that I made the right choice.”

Erin feels incredibly lucky to walk The Pink Runway, as this event is all about empowering women and recognizing that each woman’s story is different.  She is grateful to Dr. Yoho and the team at Crystal Plastics, who were caring, informative and listened to her. She felt valued and understood. “I would highly recommend Dr. Yoho!”