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Christine has been married 29 years to Jay. They have one adult child, Allison. The family shares three rescue animals – schnauzers – Reagan and Nixon, and a tuxedo cat – Sasha.  She has enjoyed her career in higher education for more than 25 years, currently serving as the director of development for Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine.  She loves dancing, reading (anything James Patterson), and watching Division 1 college football and American Movie Classics.

Christine’s breast cancer was diagnosed in February 2019 after discovering a lump during a hive breakout on her trunk and breast areas. Following a biopsy, she learned she had ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) of breast, stage 0, estrogen negative, and grade 3.

She had a unilateral mastectomy and reconstruction on April 18, with a second surgery on April 22 due to her margins being too close.  She underwent 13 rounds of radiation beginning in late June. In October of that year, Dr. Derek Cody matched her left breast to her right breast through breast reduction surgery.

She is eternally grateful for her cancer-free status and reconstruction surgery, which motivated her to become more fit and to lose the excess, unnecessary weight she was carrying. This lifestyle change enabled her to reduce her A1C, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thus, reducing her need for some medications she had been prescribed. She continues to maintain her improved health through diet and exercise.

Christine is thankful to Dr. Cody and the rest of the team that helped save her life while encouraging her to live an intentionally healthier life.