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Bobbijo Werren

Bobbijo and her husband, John, have been married for 14 years. They have a kind of “Brady Bunch” family – between them they have four incredible grown children, and one precious granddaughter, Ellie, who may have saved her life. Bobbijo is Vice President of Quality for an international third party administrator. She loves adventures of any kind, travel, the ocean, and outdoor activities. Since her August 2020 surgery, she finished multiple trail races including a 15K and the Mohican Marathon in June of 2021. In July of 2022, she participated in the Dragon Boat Festival and hopes to join Ohio’s Dragon Dream Team in 2023. Bobbijo’s cancer was diagnosed in the summer of 2020, after she noticed a lump. “My granddaughter is a snuggler and cuddler, but she is also a kicker when she sleeps. One night, mid-snuggle, she kicked me in the chest. The next day I noticed pain and a lump. Within days I had the mammogram, MRI, and my diagnosis. All in all, from the kick to the first surgery, it was a six week process. In conjunction with my breast surgeon, Dr. Dalton, and my breast reconstruction surgeon, Dr. Lewis Diulus, I give Ellie credit for saving my life. Her kick allowed me to catch it early.” Bobbijo underwent a double mastectomy due to a family history of breast and other cancers, and worked with Dr. Diulus to help her through the breast reconstruction process. “Once I was able to get beyond the fear and uncertainty of the diagnosis itself, I found the prospect of getting a new look exciting. All in all, it pushed me to be more accepting of my body.” Bobbijo advises other women facing a cancer diagnosis to trust the professionals, maintain a positive mental attitude, and stay as active as possible throughout the process. She speaks highly of Dr. Diulus and Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons, “He and his staff could not have been more supportive, answering every single question with patience and kindness. I am grateful and feel very fortunate to have Dr. Diulus and Crystal Clinic in my corner.”