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Angela Whorton

Angela (Angel) has been married to her husband John for 19 years, and together they share two beautifully fascinating children, John Ramon and Kara. Angel is a teacher at the I Promise School, where she is an intervention specialist advocating for those who need it most. As a special education teacher, she not only provides state-of-the-art education but support to students who would be suspended or expelled. She teaches them self-regulation skills while identifying their trauma so they can be successful, at school and beyond. Angel is also the Co-Director of The Growing Patch Childcare Center, alongside her amazing mother, Karla Burnham. Angel’s focus is Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) to train each child to find their passion and value others along the way. She enjoys traveling, working out, laughing, and new experiences. She is also on the board of Stewart’s Caring Place and wants to continue advocating for women’s health. Hanging out with her children “is my jam, and watching them develop into amazing human beings fills my soul with joy.” Angel was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2019 after feeling a lump during a self examination. Angel underwent a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery with Dr. Derek Cody. She loves her new breasts. “They are better than anticipated, and make me feel feminine and sexy.” She chose to participate in Pink Runway to “stand up for those women who cannot, and to let women know that they do not walk this journey alone, and your strength is your beauty.” Angel feels that her breast reconstruction experience with Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons and Dr. Cody was a God-send, as she switched surgeons after feeling bullied by her previous doctor to have a procedure that made her uncomfortable. Dr. Cody was “actually a partner in my breast reconstructive experience, giving me the information and courage I needed to make the decision that was best for ME! “He’s simply brilliant, and I am grateful for his expertise, talent, care, and professionalism. Thank you, Dr. Cody!”