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Amy has been married to her husband Steve for 22 years. They have one cat, Bonita, and Amy has taught Spanish in the Akron schools for the past 21 years!

Amy was actually blessed to make her own preventative decision.  Amy’s sister is Christina Wasson, who is also participating in Pink Runway. After Christina was diagnosed in 2018, Amy underwent genetic testing and tested positive for one of the same gene mutations Christina has. She is now relieved that she has the same percentage of lifetime risk of breast cancer (5% – 10%) as the general population.

Amy had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy in June 2020 during the pandemic, and chose a DIEP Flap reconstruction with Drs. Diulus and Cody, which was done at the same time as her mastectomy. She chose the DIEP Flap because it would use her own tissue and had no foreign bodies.

Amy tells women to “research all their options. We are blessed with amazing surgeons right here in Akron. They are knowledgeable and explain the options and process very well! For those considering a prophylactic mastectomy like I had, do it! It really puts your mind at ease.”  She is grateful to both Dr. Diulus and Dr. Cody for their expertise and care, both mental and physical. “They are both top notch!”

Amy chose to walk The Pink Runway to support her sister, Chris Wasson, but also to let others know they don’t have to wait for a diagnosis if they have a high risk. “We can make decisions on our own timeline. I want to thank all the amazing women, especially my mom and my sister, who did not have this opportunity.  You are strong!”