Always the Man of the Hour.

Whether the goal is to enhance appearance, correct irregularities, or to remain youthful and competitive in the workplace, men from age 18 to 70+ are recognizing the benefits of plastic surgery to keep them at the top of their game. Our team of specialists at Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons provides the plastic and reconstructive expertise to help you meet your personal aesthetic goals.

Body And Trunk

Reshape those stubborn flabby areas and create the sculpted, well-proportioned body you’ve always wanted.
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Chest Deformity

Establish a full, symmetrical, and statuesque chest for a natural profile and a more athletic appearance.
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Refine facial features to correct imperfections, create balance, look younger, and feel your very best.
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Male Breast (gynecomastia)

Lose unwanted excessive breast tissue and enjoy the confidence of wearing tighter clothing over a newly contoured chest.
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