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Rediscover soft, pliable breasts.

The formation of a capsule of scar tissue around a breast implant is a normal part of the healing process. It’s the body’s natural response to isolate the implant by creating a barrier of scar tissue around it. This, in turn, helps to hold the implant in place. However, in some cases, that capsule of scar tissue hardens and contracts around the implants, negatively affecting the result of the breast implant surgery or even causing pain. It’s what’s known as capsular contracture.

The good news is that capsular contracture is treatable, so the implanted breasts once again feel soft and pliable.

Capsular contracture correction is often recommended for women whose implanted breasts are hard, round, misshapen, or painful. The best way to know if capsular contracture correction is right for you is to sit down with your Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons specialist for a personal consultation. Together, you will discuss your condition, your desired results, the details of the procedure and post-procedure expectations, financial options, and any concerns or questions you may have. Your Crystal Clinic doctor will also take time with you to review your medical history. 

The first step is to schedule an appointment. Please be assured that scheduling an initial consultation with your Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons expert will not obligate you to move forward with any procedure.