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Tummy Tuck Risks and Complications

What to expect from an abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty patients generally experience great results and enjoy their new, shapely and smooth figure. However, with any surgical procedure, risks and complication arise from anesthesia, bleeding or infection. Cosmetic surgery rarely results in serious complications. Doing plenty of research the procedure and choosing the right, experienced plastic surgeon helps reduce the risks associated with a tummy tuck procedure. 

For body lift procedures, understand the following potential risks:

  • This is an expected part of the procedure, as fluid accumulates beneath the skin. During surgery, a drain is placed to remove any fluid that collects. Occasionally, after the drain is removed, the fluid persists. The fluid is usually absorbed by the body. If the fluid is not absorbed, it is removed with a needle at the doctor’s office. On very rare occasions, another small procedure is needed to remove fluid accumulation.
  • Abdominoplasty involves incisions. Depending on the patient, scars may be inconspicuous or prominent. Women of color tend to experience more raised and painful scars, known as keloids orhypertrophic scars. Unless you have a history of painful scarring, how your incisions heal cannot be predicted. Fortunately, several treatments exist to prevent and minimize prominent scars if they occur.
  • Abdominoplasty and body-shaping procedures create the body shape you want. To maintain results after surgery, some patients opt for repeat touch-up procedures. A perfect contour may not occur after one procedure. A touch-up or limited lipoplasty helps smooth out an area of fullness.
  • Delayed Healing. There’s a higher chance of slow wound healing in patients that smoke or have diabetes. Stop smoking four weeks before the procedure for the best results.
  • Extra Skin. Excess skin at the end of the incision, known as a “dog ear,” occasionally needs to be removed. If necessary, this is a quick, easy office procedure.
  • An extremely rare complication, embolus manifests after surgery and presents as shortness of breath or general sense of illness. Call your doctor if you experience these symptoms.

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