Visitor Restriction

UPDATED July 22, 2020

Each and every member of our community continues to be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. As all of us continue to make important adjustments to our routine, we can get through this crisis sooner and safely as we all work together to do our part. Crystal Clinic is committed to doing all that we can to assure the safest environment possible. As such, at this time, Crystal Clinic is reinstituting a no visitation policy. 

While we know how much you may want to be with your loved one at this time, for your safety, the safety of patients, and the protection of others, we are requiring the following:

  • Those accompanying patients to surgery or a clinic visit will not be permitted to wait inside the building
  • Visitors may wait in their vehicles in the visitor parking lot during clinic visits or outpatient surgeries, or may wait at home and return at a later time to pick up the patient at the time of their release from the clinic
  • Patient companions are permitted only if required for direct patient assistance

Exceptions for:

  • Patients needing assistance in care, comprehension, and/or communication
  • Patients that are minors

Any approved visitor will have their temperature taken prior to being permitted hospital access. Those having a temperature of 100˚F or greater will be denied access. All visitors must wear a face covering at all times when inside a Crystal Clinic facility.

Contact the Call Center Help Line at 234-867-6314 with any questions about visitation restrictions.

As always, thank you for your understanding, your patience, and your cooperation. Together, through our combined efforts, we can assure everyone’s safety.