Neck Lift

In a female, a well-defined neck sillouette is a sign of youthfulness and beauty.

As one ages, a combination of loose, hanging skin and the accumulation of fat under the chin contribute to the loss of the well-defined neck you once had. While advanced changes in the neck, like those of a ‘turkey wattle’, are usually corrected by a facelift, early changes in the neck can often be addressed in a more limited procedure, a neck lift. A neck lift can redefine that beautiful neck line you once had by eliminating any excessive fat under the chin, tightening and resuspending the lax muscles of the neck, and, finally, removing the lax skin.

Neck lift plastic surgery in Akron, OH is designed to remove excess, sagging skin under the jaw line and on the neck. Neck lifts are often combined as part of a face lift procedure to restore a more attractive look to the lower face. Your doctor also may perform a facial liposuction procedure to remove excess fat under the chin.

What will happen at the initial consultation?

The initial consultation will begin at our plastic surgery office in Akron, Ohio, with a complete medical history and exam. Click here to Request Your Consultation at Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons. During the consultation, you may be asked to look into a mirror and point out those areas of your neck that you would like to see improved.

You should be very frank in discussing what you hope to achieve with surgery. This will help us understand your expectations and determine whether they can realistically be achieved. Other options available to you will be discussed along with risks and limitations. The location where the surgery will take place, the estimated duration of the procedure, the type of anesthesia required and the costs of the surgery will be explained.

A Thinner, Younger Look

As we age, the band of muscle on the neck (known as the platysma muscle) may loosen and hang, creating bands and horizontal lines on the neck. Also, the skin may loosen and cause a “turkey wattle” appearance.

If you have excess fat and loose skin tissue on your neck, it can easily make you look older and heavier than you really are. In fact, many of our patients, after their neck lift procedure, say that people have told them that they look like they’ve lost weight. This procedure can help you achieve a more youthful facial contour that can help you feel more confident and attractive.