Tummy Tuck Procedure

What is abdominoplasty surgery?

Abdominoplasty, commonly called tummy tuck surgery, is a surgical procedure designed to firm and smooth the abdomen by tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall and removing the excess skin and fat. Where regular exercise and a healthy diet helps reduce weight, a tummy tuck removes unwanted fat and tightens loose, saggy skin from the lower abdomen. Abdominoplasty gives patients the flat stomach they dream of.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

As a body contouring and shaping procedure, abdominoplasty surgery eliminates excess fat and tighten loose skin and muscles. This creates an enhanced, well-proportioned, and fit stomach for tummy tuck patients. As a result, patients experience the following benefits from a tummy tuck:

  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Clothing fits better, making it easier to buy
  • Improvement to very specific abdominal areas and concerns
  • Stronger stomach muscles, which typically results in less back pain and better posture

At Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgery, our experienced surgeons not only address loose skin at the waist and abdomen during a tummy tuck procedure, but also lax skin in the upper, inside thighs.

Tummy Tuck Outcomes

Get great, gratifying results with an abdominoplasty. You get the fit, well-proportioned body shape you want. Additionally, your clothes fit better, and you feel better about yourself. The results of abdominoplasty are very gratifying.

Keep in mind, while abdominoplasty delivers the look you want, it does not prevent aging or correct lifestyle habits. We strongly encourage abdominoplasty patient to meet with our registered dietician to create a nutrition plan for long-lasting results and better health. If, over time, you become dissatisfied with the appearance of your body shape, you may consider a revision. We recommend an annual follow-up so you remain satisfied with your result.

Abdominoplasty Surgery Consultation

If you’re considering a tummy tuck, first meet and consult with an experienced plastic surgeon. The consultation starts with a complete medical history and exam. Let the doctor and care staff know of previous abdominal procedures or lipoplasty, a history of poor scarring, and family history of breast cancer.

During your examination, the doctor evaluates the size and shape of your abdomen and trunk, specifically looking at quality of your abdominal skin, any scars, and the condition of your stomach muscles. If other treatment options exist, these will be discussed. Ask to see photos of recent patients before and after tummy tuck surgery. Request patient references to speak with past patients. Expect to receive an estimated cost of a tummy tuck procedure. It is typically for the doctor’s office to take photographs for your medical record at the initial consult.

Tell your doctor if you plan to lose a significant amount of weight or want to become pregnant in the future. Expect to discuss what you want to get from the procedure and what your current diet and exercise routine includes. Based on your lifestyle and goals, the doctor creates the best surgical plan to meet your expectations.

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