Buttock Lift

While buttock contouring has been popular with our South American neighbors for several years, the North American population is just starting to pay more attention to buttock contouring.

As a result of increasing attention to the buttocks by the American public and the US media, requests for buttock reshaping is increasing in the USA population.

In addition, with more and more patients losing massive amounts of weight through either bariatric surgery or simply lifestyle changes, a more aggressive approach to reshaping the gluteal area has become necessary in order to eliminate fat and sagging skin, tighten tissues, and sculpt a balanced, attractive waist, thigh, and buttock region. Over the past 2 decades there have been advances in gluteal enhancement procedures that have produced better, more predictable results with acceptable scars.

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The ideal buttocks shape is determined by personal and cultural preferences. Some patients want a reduction in buttock size while others may want a more prominent or shapely buttocks. Some patients have a loose, sagging buttock and need a lift procedure with additional volume to add shape. Some may have a “flat” buttock with indistinct contour between the lower back and the shelf of the buttock.

Buttock procedures are often combined with liposuction and fat grafting to get the desired result. This procedure also may be combined with a tummy tuck in Akron, OH. Gluteal contouring procedures can produce dramatic body transformation that changes the way you feel, changes the way your clothes fit, gives you self-confidence and self esteem, and even improves your sex life.

What are some of the most common benefits of buttock contouring?

Gluteal contouring procedures change the size and/or shape of the buttock area by lifting the droopy, thigh and buttock tissues, by removing excessive fat and skin, and by adding volume with fat grafts or an implant. It is perhaps the only reliable way to significantly improve thigh and buttock cellulite.

The procedures can restore aesthetic contours, creating a more well-proportioned shape. There is a change in measurements and clothing sizes. Patients report feeling more confident and a boost in self-confidence and body image. As a result, sexual relationships improve, making sex more enjoyable for all parties.